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22 September 2011

Northern Journey, No. 1 (1971)

The debut issue of Northern Journey, edited by Fraser Sutherland and Terrance MacCormack. Glassco contributed three pieces: "Euterpe's Honeymoon (Notes on the Poetic Process)", "Onan; or Little by Little (Found Poem)" and the first chapter of Fetish Girl. The last, published under the nom de plume Sylvia Bayer, includes this amusing introduction:
I am delighted to see this opening chapter of my eighth published novel appear in a serious literary magazine in my native land, and only hope this example of a frankly commercial literary genre won't be too out of place there. After all, aphrodisiac writing is genuine "pop" art, isn't it? And this has the distinction of being the first book ever written for rubber fetishists.*

Sylvia Bayer
Montreal, July 15, 1971

The back of the magazine features fourteen Canadian Writers Cards – "Save them, swap them with friends... It's a new and absorbing hobby!!" Glassco's card (CW8) appears bottom left, on the same perforated sheet as Sylvia Bayer (CW4). The photograph he supplied is in fact that of his first wife Elma.

* As I point out in A Gentleman of Pleasure and in this post, Glassco is mistaken in making this claim.

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