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15 September 2011

First Statement, Vol. 2, No. 12 (April-May 1945)

The "April & May 1945" number of influential Montreal little magazine First Statement. Irving Layton, A.M. Klein, Patrick Anderson, Ralph Gustafson, Miriam Waddington... amongst the lesser-known writers we find Wingate Taylor, "a farmer in the Eastern townships [sic] of Quebec." He's better remembered – though, in truth, he's barely remembered at all – as Graeme Taylor. His contribution, "The Horse-Stall", is taken from Brazenhead, an unpublished lost novel. The story marked Taylor's first appearance in print since his days in Montparnasse. It was also his last.

The same issue features a Glassco review of Gwethelyn Graham's Earth and High Heaven.

The fifteenth of thirty posts focussing on images not found in A Gentleman of Pleasure.
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