Welcome to this cyberplace, set up as a space for news and reviews of A Gentleman of Pleasure and occasional jottings about John Glassco. Five years have now passed since publication, and I've moved on to other projects, but I'm leaving this up with the thought that those drawn to Glassco's writing will find something of interest.

08 September 2011

A.P.S. Glassco, Montreal, 1920

John Glassco's father, Archibald Patrick Stinson Glassco, secretary and bursar of McGill University.
When I was very young my mother told me
That my father was the strongest of men
(Not in words at first, of course – but I knew);
Later I learned he was the best and bravest;
And during my adolescence (a difficult
Time for us all) I had her whispered word for it
He was the wisest parent in the world.

Long ago I put aside the question
Of her motive in this matter…. Perhaps
A sense of guilt for the disloyalty
Of a too-clear, too-wifely valuation
Of his man’s-worth, was expiated so...
— John Glassco, 'The Whole Hog'
The eighth of thirty posts focussing on images not found in A Gentleman of Pleasure.
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